CMR Corporate Offices - the same quality like its restaurants

Středa, 1. Září 2010 - 2:00
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CMR Corporation is well known for its good quality. That is the reason, why the company wanted also high quality of offices. It meant big task for mexican studio Space.

CMR is a restaurant business, which over the years has been characterized by the high quality and image of its restaurants. Based on this premise, and on the decision which was taken to renew their spaces, a first class space was created for them, which combines elegance and functionality. The new CMR corporate offices are located within the Reforma 222 complex.

The reception is the space that welcomes you, where the building’s materials blend with those of the new project. This space combines geometric shapes with colors and textures that decode the new image of CMR.

From here, the offices are divided in two: the operational area and the presidential suite. In the operational area are located all the vice-presidential spaces, formed by a succession of areas with a red foreground which are accessed from the side. In front of this is the open area, which is colored in neutral tones which contrast with the office. In the open area lighting plays a key role, as a dimmer switch was programmed to give warm light and cold light with an intensity which changes according to the time of day. This improves the quality of the environment and user productivity.

The president’s suite is divided by a wall that does not reach the ceiling, made of leather and with strategic openings, which achieve a very attractive design and greater privacy despite its light image. In one of the openings a counter virtually intersects with the wall, and also makes the separate bar areas work as communication between the presidents and their assistants. The president’s suite has different meeting spaces. From the board room, which is the most formal of the project’s spaces, to various meeting spaces that allow for better one to one communication.

All these spaces are unified through the use of materials and colors, as well as by lighting and attention to detail in each of them.

 Mexican wave 2010

 CMR Corporate Offices
 Location:  Reforma 222, Mexico City
 Authors:  Space (Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Fabiola del Valle Troyo | Sergio Gaytanid)
 Cooperation:  LUA (light design)
 GA&A (structure)
 Herman Miller (furniture)
 Organitec (furniture)
 Steelcase (furniture)
 Completion:  2008
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