Hotel Desconocido

Úterý, 24. Srpen 2010 - 2:00
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The luxorious hotel in the classic huts, in a beautiful nature, far from the annoying civilization. What else would you like to have on the honeymoon?

The project is located in the protected natural area of the Hermit lagoon. It is an ecological boutique hotel where all the buildings (bungalows, villas, spa and restaurants) are pile-dwelling over-water bungalows made with local traditional construction systems: lightweight wooden structures, thatched roofs and thin walls woven from local tree’s branches covered with mud. It’s about a re-interpretation of the Mexican Pacific Ocean vernacular architecture, in accordance with the site and its climate, but noticeable contemporary.

The landscaping project is also sustainable: it is resolved with regional and native vegetation. There will be no gardening arrangements, it will stay wild. At the lagoon’s peninsula a palm tree plantation will shadow over rugs of tropical plants and sand walkways which links the bungalows while providing resting areas with hammocks. At the beach, dune containing walls are made by wooden fences. These dunes will be stabilized with endemic vegetation.


 Mexican wave 2010

 hotel Desconocido
 Location:  Cruz de Loreto, Jalisco, Mexiko
 Authors:  SPRB Arquitectos (Laura Sánchez Penichet, Carlos Rodríguez Bernal | Juan Carlos Arauz, Jonathan Estrada, Eric Camarena, Anabel Hijar, Juan Diego Diez de Sollano)
 Area:  54 ha
 Completion:  Under construction now, opening 9/2010


SPRB is an architecture studio established at Guadalajara, Mexico, directed by Laura Sánchez Penichet and Carlos Rodríguez Bernal.

The departure point in our projects is always the landscape. Whether it is a natural area or an interior space, we study the relationship between constructed objects and the open space among them.

Is this relationship between architecture and landscape, as well as the technical design of bioclimatic comfort and low-energy solutions, the distinctive of our work.

SP / Laura Sánchez Penichet

Architecture at ITESO, 2001.Guadalajara, Mexico.
Master degree in Sustainable Architecture at UPC, 2004. Barcelona, Spain.
Master degree in Computerization of Architectonic Projects at UPC, 2005. Barcelona, Spain.
Collaboration at studio DOSBASSO architects, Barcelona, Spain, 2004-2005.
Projects Professor at ITESO School of Architecture, since 2007. Guadalajara, Mexico.

RB / Carlos Rodríguez Bernal

Architecture at UAG, 1995. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Master degree in Landscape Architecture at ETSAB-UPC, 1999. Barcelona, Spain.
Founder and Editor of PISO magazine (
Director of Architecture Department at Tecnológico de Monterrey, 2001-2005. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Landscape Architecture Professor at Universidad Iberoamericana León, since 2000.
Projects Professor at ITESO School of Architecture, since 2006. Guadalajara, Mexico.

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