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Ecocity Montecorvo Logroño | urban complex by MVRDV

In 2007 MVRDV together with the Spanish office GRAS joined a competition for a sustainable urban extension area of the city Logroño. And they won. A medium size city of approx 130.000 inhabitants, is located in the wine region of La Rioja in the north of Spain. The

MVRDV , 5. 6. 2010

Foto: eArch
The program consists of approximately 3.000 social houses and its complementary program: schools, social buildings, sports facilities - all developed in a sustainable way. By producing on site all the energy needed, the new neighborhood achieves a CO2 neutral footprint.

The 56 ha site, just north of Logroño on the two small hills of Montecorvo and la Fonsalada, has a lot of potential to create a new neighborhood. Besides the fact that the hills provide a beautiful view over the city, the slopes are orientated to the south, thus solar energy is easily generated. A tapestry of PV-cells clad the mountain, as if the hills are covered in gold. On top of the hills, windmills are generating part of the energy needed for the 3.000 social houses and at the same time they work as icons/landmarks. 100% of the energy demand is generated on site by a combination of solar-, and wind energy.

The development is designed in a very compact way which minimizes the impact on the landscape. Only 10% of the site is occupied by the buildings. The remaining space becomes a magnificent eco-park, a mix of landscape and energy production. Next to this, by building as compact as possible (following the optimal height line of the hill) the building costs are minimized.

 Like a snake, the linear compact urban development meanders through the landscape. By making use of the differences in height, every apartment has a beautiful view on the city. The lower situated roofs are accessible and offer the possibility to create a magnificent public space. A Mirador, overlooking the landscape of La Rioja.

 Name:  Montecorvo Eco City

 Location:  Logroño, Spain

 Investor:  LMB, Grupo, Progea, Spain


 MVRDV  GRAS (Madrid, Spain)


 Local Engineer: CINTEC;   Sustainability Engineer:  TEYDI;  Environmental Engineer competition phase: ARUP, Amsterdam

 Area:  560 000 m2

 Project:  2008

 Completion:  2013


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  • autor: MVRDV *
  • publikováno: * 5. 6. 2010

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