Paradise on Earth

Pondělí, 6. Září 2010 - 2:00
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Everybody dreams of a perfect holiday. But now, you don't have to dream because Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos designed the trully paradise: Hotel Riviera Maya!


This privilege location has a beach front one-mile long, to take advantage of the sea views most of the buildings that conform the unit were located on the sea front. It is a 250 acres lot gated community with an 80 room’s hotel luxuriously design with a 22 ft front rooms with spectacular panorama even from the bathroom. In the terrace, every room has a plunge pool. The resort also has an 18 holes golf course, beach houses and apartments as well as houses around the golf course. To complete the amenities a private beach club, surrounded with outdoor pools and whirlpools and in other location the Auriga SPA were also included.


Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos is a firm founded in Mexico City in 1992. The firm develops architectonic spaces where quality is achieved by the adequate use of materials and the use of light as a creative element.

For architects Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco and Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes space is their raw material, trough which they show their capability and performance in every architecture field; always Zsupported on multidisciplinary teams.

Because of their organizational structure and professionalism the firm has worked in association with several studios and architects. They have been invited to national and international competitions and actively participate forming and promoting architecture.

 Mexican wave 2010

 Hotel Riviera Maya
 Location:  Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexiko
 Authors:  Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
 Area:  77 500 m2
 Completion:  2008


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