Rubik bar

Sobota, 28. Srpen 2010 - 2:00
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What a bar! Come in and have a mojito, one or two... or three...

Nested on the upper level of a shopping plaza, Rubik was conceived as a young but elegant eating place. Design was to develop an experience that built upon Merida’s new wave of high quality gourmet restaurants; the project maximized the environment by using the full width of the area and placing the bar as a focal point at the end corner concealing the service corridor and pulling the view to the back of the restaurant. The metal feature counter on which the drinks are prepared serves as an oasis to its thirsty customers.

 Mexican wave 2010

 Rubik, restaurante bar
 Location:  32 #249 Sn. Ramón Norte / Mérida, Yucatán; México
 Authors:  Arquitectos Interiores, S.C.P. (Mauricio Ramirez, Guadalupe Avila | Fabiola Solis, Aniela Mendiburu)
 Client:  Nelson Rodriguez
 General contractor:  Angel Ramos
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