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Iconic bridge for Amsterdam: Archi made

Award $1600 was won by French team with a project of a bridge that makes you feel like Jesus walking on water.

EARCH.CZ , 6. 6. 2012

Philosophy :

The objectiv of a pedestrian bridge is to linkbanks and make human crossing easier. It is not there to be seen, it generates social habits. The design is less important than the function. The same elements that made the crossing complicated (the water)will help to resolve the main goal : the support of the bridge (Archimede). The illusionism and the mythology take part of the project : who ever dreamed of being Jesus, walking on the sea ? That’s not the design that will be unforgattable, but the memory of crossing it.

Minimum efforts :

To use the elements that are provided by the site place : water that makes the crossing complicated will finally help this crossing. Physics are invoked with the help of Archimede. Pieces of bridge are brought to the project site using boats. The bridge is divided into pieces. One of them will be filled up to shrink and let the boats pass through. Once the boats have left, the srhunk piece will be filled up with air to make it float again and make human crossing possible. The design of the floating bridge is easy thanks to the stable level of water in the canals.

Emotional :

Crossing the floating bridge is a unique experience, so close to the water level. A swell breaker along the bridge helps creating a calm water surface beside the bridge will the water is less calm further.

Security :

A security space is created in both sides of the bridge under the water. The crossing is not possible when boats are passing through.

Functional :

The pedestrian bridge floats thanks to the air stocked in it siron tanks and the support of the water : humancrossing The middle part of the bridge is filled up with water : boats crossing.

Symbolic :

Mattiew (14_22_31) – Jesuswalks on the water

Environnement :

Reusable materials : iron Minimum + water transport from close factories Minimum maintenance Water and archimede are for free Minimum quantity of materials used to build the floating pedestrian bridge.

Social :

The unique experience of crossing that floating bridge will generate new and unexpected social habits and make people experience together.

name Archi made

authors 2:pm architectures (Matthieu Bergeret, Hans Lefevre, Paul Rolland)

country Francie

team type architekt

placement 2nd place

Judge's report

This is a very poetic and minimalist proposal, which in itself could be iconic for that very reason. The drama created by the scene of people walking over the canal elevated this project, reminiscence of the “Moses Bridge”, however a different kind of proposition. The floating principle of the bridge allows for very low impact, with a very high urban effect.

It is an audacious and a fresh take on the phrase “Bridge over water”. The elements of program become concrete anchor points on banks, which gives the lightness of the proposal weight. It challenges the image of the classic bridge in favor of basically walking over water. Projecting itself as an extension of walkway or sidewalks ‐ disappearance of the transition.


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