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JMW - 8 Houses at Quirijn Boulevard

Tilburg North is a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city which is ravaged by a bad image. Cofier Building Development and Housing in collaboration with the Central Brabant Tilburg municipality took the initiative to green the area located between the Flax Hoflaan Heikant Avenue and a new impetus.

Architectenburo JMW , 7. 4. 2011

By scrapping some flats there is room released for alternative low rise in a higher price range. The green area is transformed into a contemporary park with a variety of entertainment options. On the edge of the park are single-family homes. To generate a diverse housing are on the north side and 2 on the south side of the park 1 urban villa.

The high overall level of ambition must ensure that the district gets a new positive image and appeal to future residents. To obtain a high quality architecture, there are total 4 and 1 country concerned Architectenburo's office shelf. The 4 small subprojects architects to create an elaborate alternate park wall. The park is the binding factor in the plan.

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