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Liz Diller: Architecture is a special effects machine

Liz Diller a její nezbedné dítko v podobě ateliéru DS+R přináší průkopnický přístup při zpracovávání velkých i malých projektů v architektuře, urbanismu a umění - pohrávají si s novými materiály, prostorem a výjevy takovým způsobem, že vás nutí dívat se znovu a znovu.

EARCH.CZ , 6. 1. 2009

Why you should listen to her:

Liz Diller might just be the first post-wall architect. From a mid-lake rotunda made of fog to a gallery that destroys itself with a robotic drill, her brainy takes on the essence of buildings are mind-bending and rebellious. Her firm, Diller Scofidio & Renfro, partakes of criticism that goes past academic papers and into real structures -- buildings and art installations that seem to tease the squareness of their neighbors. DS+R was the first architecture firm to receive a MacArthur "genius" grant -- and it also won an Obie for Jet Lag, a wildly creative piece of multimedia off-Broadway theater. A reputation for rampant repurposing of materials and tricksy tinkering with space -- on stage, on paper, on the waterfront -- have made DS+R a sought-after firm, winning accounts from the Juilliard School, Alice Tully Hall and the School of American Ballet, as part of the Lincoln Center overhaul; at Brown University; and on New York's revamp of Governer's Island. Their Institute for Comtemporary art has opened up a new piece of Boston's waterfront, creating an elegant space that embraces the water.

(See the DS+R website for upcoming work and installations -- even the spec work electrifies.)



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