The Gold Brick - Mexican pavilion for EXPO 2010

Sobota, 28. Srpen 2010 - 2:00
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Have a look on that pavilion by SPRB Arquitectos which did not win the competition to represent Mexico on EXPO 2010 in Shaghai, but it still has its qualities.

Our building works as a bridge over a depressed plaza-lobby-entrance in which 5 bright glowing suns shine with intensity, and where one enters by a gentle sloped ramp going from the public space level in front of the Mexican Pavillion down to level -3m. These suns shining in the lobby, are large skylights crossing the entire building, from the roof to the lobby, illuminating the interior of each floor down to the basement. A glittering brass skin covers The Sun Pavillion.

All vertical circulation such as stairs, elevators and the lift are placed in the building perimeter. It is a functional occupation of the perimeter that works along with the structural solution and allows free floor plans to achieve program freedom, in which the only permanent presences are the huge light columns. We compact the building to have a smaller footprint, to set gardens on the side slopes, and to obtain a pavilion with a character more associated to an object or icon than to a building.


 Mexican wave 2010


 Mexican pavilion for EXPO 2010

 Location:  Shanghai
 Authors:  SPRB Arquitectos (Laura Sánchez Penichet, Carlos Rodríguez Bernal | Diego Calderón, Jonathan Estrada, Eric Camarena, Georgina Velasco)
 Cooperation:  CIE GDL (structure)
 Area:  4000 m2
 Design:  2009, for competition


SPRB is an architecture studio established at Guadalajara, Mexico, directed by Laura Sánchez Penichet and Carlos Rodríguez Bernal.

The departure point in our projects is always the landscape. Whether it is a natural area or an interior space, we study the relationship between constructed objects and the open space among them.

Is this relationship between architecture and landscape, as well as the technical design of bioclimatic comfort and low-energy solutions, the distinctive of our work.

SP / Laura Sánchez Penichet

Architecture at ITESO, 2001.Guadalajara, Mexico.
master degree in Sustainable Architecture at UPC, 2004. Barcelona, Spain.
master degree in Computerization of Architectonic Projects at UPC, 2005. Barcelona, Spain.
Collaboration at studio DOSBASSO architects, Barcelona, Spain, 2004-2005.
Projects Professor at ITESO School of Architecture, since 2007. Guadalajara, Mexico.

RB / Carlos Rodríguez Bernal

Architecture at UAG, 1995. Guadalajara, Mexico.
master degree in Landscape Architecture at ETSAB-UPC, 1999. Barcelona, Spain.
Founder and Editor of PISO magazine (
Director of Architecture Department at Tecnológico de Monterrey, 2001-2005. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Landscape Architecture Professor at Universidad Iberoamericana León, since 2000.
Projects Professor at ITESO School of Architecture, since 2006. Guadalajara, Mexico.

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