Henri Achten | Digital Horizons

Sobota, 22. Říjen 2005 - 23:15
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Architecture in the Digital Discourse. The computer is changing the way we conceive architecture. It enables us to ask new and different questions about the nature of architecture, what we want to achieve through architecture, how we should design architecture, and how we want to build architecture. In the lecture, theoretical foundations based on the domain of CAAD will be presented. This basis provides a framework to discuss contemporary architects, projects, and future developments.
Henri Achten is assistant professor on CAAD and design theory research at the Design Systems group of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. He is the author and editor of six books on CAAD and design research, and over 40 articles. He lectures about the basic principles of CAAD, advanced architectural theory & CAAD, Artificial Intelligence and design decision support. In the design studio, Virtual Reality technology is often integrated.

Projects of Henri Achten´s students:
  • Project by Niels Walthers
  • Project by Daan Willems
  • Project by Gijs Joosen

    Henri Achten
    Digital Horizons
    Architecture in the Digital Discourse

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