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DIN interiorismo is a company specialized in interior architecture and design with 18 years of experience in Mexico. All our projects are the result of the correct combination between creativity, functionality, originality and quality.

ur organization is supported on a team of designers, architects, construction professionals, graphic designers, interior decorators and any discipline necessary to develop the best project for our clients. We create aesthetic and functional spaces for living, working and making business according to the personality and specific needs that each ambiance requires.

DIN interiorismo works on alternatives and solutions for their clients based on specific personality, needs and goals resulting in unique projects. Each project is a challenge and we always approach it in an integral and multidisciplinary point of view.

We have developed a wide variety of projects in the following fields: hotels, residential, commercial and corporate. With the support and reliability of our clients we have been granted with the opportunity of developing retail spaces, department stores, hotels and restaurants, as well as private and governmental offices. Some of our clients are: Casa Palacio, Grupo Imagen, Nouvel Studio, Eno, Excelsior, Grupo Empresarial Angeles, Coneval and El Senado de la República among many others.


In 1990 Aurelio Vázquez Durán —graduate student from IADE, Artistic Education Institute of Madrid, Spain— founds Cidd Proyectos. After 10 years of hard work and important achievements he decided to evolve with a new image for his company and in 2001 he changes the name to Diseño In. In 2008, motivated by the total image re design of his company, he decided to transform again and add to the brand the activity that had defined him for more than 15 years giving birth to DIN interiorismo.

DIN interiorismo´s work has received important awards such as the National interior Design Award in 2006 for his project for Grupo Imagen corporate offices. In this same contest he has been shortlisted on two occasions in the Tourism and Commercial categories. His projects have also been published in important special magazines such as: Enlace, ArquiTK, Ad-Hoc, Casa Viva and Ambientes, as well as in the special sections Estilos for the El Universal and Entremuros for Reforma newspapers. He is a member of the editorial board of Espacio Corporativo magazine.

DIN interiorismo has also been invited to participate in congresses and lectures in important schools and universities in Mexico, as well as the ones organized by SMI Mexican Society of Interior Designers, Semana Habitat and ENADII México. Also stands out being a member of the jury for the 3rd Design Contest AHEC 08 American Hardwood Export Council and participant and lecturer at the Central de ideas e innovación (Central of ideas and innovation) for SAIE Mexico 08.

DIN interiorismo is active member of IIDA, International Interior Design Association, AMDI Mexican Interior Designers Association and SMI Mexican Society of Interior Designers.

Hotels and Services

For DIN interiorismo the most important thing when designing a hotel is the experience that the person has to live when staying in it. Beside the basic concepts of: aesthetic, function and hygiene, the main thing is to remember that a hotel is not a house, it is a different space. And even if that the person is there for only one night, the messages that will make the stay something to remember will be received, and more important an invitation to come back.


For DIN interiorismo the important thing when designing a home is the communication among its inhabitants. Team working with the client, DIN interiorismo will analyze the day to day activities. The main core is to understand how the person, couple or family interacts, in order to develop a proposal where the central axis are the life and emotions that will be lived in the new space.


For DIN interiorismo corporate interior design is an understanding process. First you have to know the business, its needs and vision as well as the activities developed during the working hours. With all these in mind a project evolves emphasizing the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics translated into a spatial atmosphere in which every part fits in perfectly. More and better work is the final result.


For DIN interiorismo commercial design is to understand the shopping experience. First of all it is important to know what is to be sold and who are the buyers. Once we have perceived the main goal all the ambiances that will integrate the general concept, are developed to transmit the individual essence of the project. The result is the perfect combination between the day to day activities of the business and the encountering of the buyers that ends in the commercial transaction.

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