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Knud Friis (1926-2010) and Elmar Moltke Nielsen (1924-1997) founded FRIIS & MOLTKE in 1954. In the 1960s they introduced Danes to their mild version of Brutalism, which often featured huge, robust building structures tucked into the landscape, raw concrete walls and visible technical installations. They designed several detached houses, terraced houses and courtyard-style housing complexes, not to mention a number of commercial and institutional buildings in Denmark.

Knud Friis and Elmar Moltke Nielsen had a unique creative partnership and their groundbreaking projects both in Denmark and abroad made a decisive impact on Danish architecture. The two partners worked together on virtually all the buildings, in which their joint practice was involved.

Below, you can see the two architects and hear them describe their collaboration in a nostalgic reunion in the 1970s from the archives of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

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